Down to the Roots
Farmbots are the future

By Dr. Smitha Kurup, Scientist, Mahyco

In a previous blogpost, my colleague Dr. Venugopal spoke about the importance of having artificial intelligence and its potential in agriculture. 

In simple words, artificial intelligence or AI is the developmen...

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World Earth Day

Happy World Earth Day!

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The Missing Root

By Vaibhav Raut, Human Resource, Mahyco

Farming and agricultural activities have been the backbone of the society since the inception of time. In the early stages of human evolution, farming practices were done by everyone as they all grew their own food. However, ...

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Bringing Bio-economies to Africa

By Mahindra Datir, Marketing, Mahyco

Bio-economy are the economic activities derived from scientific and research focused on biotechnology. In other words, understanding mechanisms and processes at the genetic and molecular levels and applying this understanding to...

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Mahyco at TEDx Bandra

By Divya Khare, Corporate Communications, Mahyco

We are currently living in a time when every single resource in the world is becoming scarce, unpredictable and uncertain. Water, food, environment and even our climate is changing rapidly. In a situation like this, what ...

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Optimizing the use of water in agriculture

By Dr. Pankaj Bihani, Scientist, Mahyco

March is a rather important month for agriculture enthusiasts as we observe March 22 as world water day. This year again, I observed a lot of conversations on social media on this topic- highlighting the need to use water eff...

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Artificial Intelligence – Digital Nervous System for Agriculture

Dr. Venugopal Mikkilineni, Scientist

Agriculture is the age old practice of farming for growing crops and for rearing of animals. Agriculture has evolved over time and has provided for betterment of human race. Agriculture is dependent on a wide variety of complex facto...

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Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day!

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Vietnam and its agricultural challenges

By Mr. Kaustubh Joshi,Strategy, Mahyco

Last weekend, while travelling back from work, my eyes fell on a write-up shared by a prominent columnist on Vietnam’s attempt to cope with its agricultural problems. Similar to India, Vietnam’s economy is heavily ...

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CRISPR in Agriculture: Boon For Farming

By Dr. Anjanabha Bhattacharya, Scientist, Mahyco

Last weekend, we were discussing the progress of technology, and innovation in agriculture. Therefore, there is no doubt left that new innovations are changing our every day life.

The technical advancement ...

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