Down to the Roots
CRISPR in Agriculture: Boon For Farming

By Dr. Anjanabha Bhattacharya, Scientist, Mahyco

Last weekend, we were discussing the progress of technology, and innovation in agriculture. Therefore, there is no doubt left that new innovations are changing our every day life.

The technical advancement ...

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Agriculture to protect biodiversity

By Mr. Shivraj Devkar, Marketing, Mahyco

World population is increasing at a phenomenal rate with over 77 million births every day. This exponential rise is creating stress on all our natural re...

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How are agri startups helping India grow?

By Dr. P J Kulkarni, Scientist, Mahyco

Agriculture is one of the important pillars of the Indian economy. According to a report from FICCI, about 65% of Indian population depends directly on agric...

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Financial inclusion for farmers

By Mr. Kushal Varshney, Manager- IT, Mahyco

Further to my previous blogpost that talked about the need for financial inclusion for agriculture, and the steps taken by the Government to facilitate the same…I spent some more time going through more articles on this...

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Finance for Farmers

By Mr. Kushal Varshney, Manager- IT, Mahyco

It is rightly said “If you ate a meal today, thank a farmer”. Truly, farmers are the most important assets of the agriculture industry. We all know that India’s agriculture industry is one of the str...

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Our first Facebook Live

By Team Mahyco

On January 12, 2017 we conducted our first Facebook Live with Dr Usha Zehr (Chief Technology Officer) to highlight the need for innovation in agriculture to produce more with less. With growing stress on natural resources as demand for food production inc...

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Need for soil conservation

Soil degradation is a reality and we need to undertake steps to preserve the important resource

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Why is data important?

By Mr. Kshitij Parikh, Strategist, Mahyco

When an Indian farmer is busy sowing crops and seeds in his field, he probably doesn’t think of the word ‘data’ or ‘big data’. This reflects how in India, farming continues to be more primitive...

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Weather analysis to save crops

By Mr. Anil Kolte, Marketing, Mahyco

The news of Cyclone Vardah left all of us worried and troubled. The loss of life, property and ofcourse agricultural produce has a deep impact on us- socially and economically. In this chaos, I was relieved to hear, that in the lands...

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When women take a lead in farming

By Smitha Kurup, Scientist, Mahyco

To a world, where women constitute about 43 percent of the total global labour force in agriculture

Yesterday I ended up in a d...

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