Down to the Roots
Hybrid versus GMO; Demystifying the Science behind them

Dr. Vijay Dalvi, Scientist, Mahyco

Genetic modification of plants has been a topic of discussion as there are various views by different social groups. There will be no difference in opinion as far as Agricultural scientists are concerned on the benefits on GMO.  W...

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Why GMOs are Imperative

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Rai, Scientist, Mahyco

Poverty and global food demand is a pressing reality for the 6 billion people (which is expected to reach more than 9 billion by 2050) who live outside the ‘benefitted’ world. Sticking to conventional methods of produc...

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Onions Make us Cry- Literally

Mr. Chandra Joshi, Marketing, Mahyco

Once in two years, onion grief strikes India. As far as spiraling onion prices are concerned, they seem to be the most democratic of all food crops and are government agnostic. As onions cost sky roc...

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GMO: Myths and Truths

Dr. Suresh Kunkalikar, Scientist, Mahyco

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or GM (Genetically Modified) crops, a new generation biotechnology crops designed to appeal consumers and farmers is a hot topic all over the world debating on their effect on environment, qu...

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Impact of Bt Cotton

Mr. Shivraj Devkar, Marketing, Mahyco

Cotton is an important fabric for Indian textiles. For years, cotton farmers have been providing rich produce to the textile industry making India’s textile exports grow by leaps and bounds. Like agriculture, textile industry ...

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Partnerships in Agriculture

Mr. Ritesh Mishra, Lead Regulatory Affairs, Mahyco

In most progressive democracies, the Government acts merely as an enabler for growth and development and private enterprise is the key driver. In a developing country like India, it is important that both work together ...

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Khet Khalihaan

Mr. Biplab Lenin, Legal, Mahyco

Today we are making progress faster than ever before. There is a regular update on technology and innovation which aim to ease our lives. Our economy and marketplace has improved over the years so does th...

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Fiscal Scenario in Agriculture

Mr. Dinesh Agarwal, Finance, Mahyco

It has been a few months since the Union budget was announced, and one can see growing debate and discussion on the fiscal policies governing Indian agriculture. The budget also lay importance on infrastructure and provided a road map...

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Cotton: A Comfort fabric

Mr. Shankar Nalawade, Marketing, Mahyco

The Tropic of Cancer almost bisects India, thereby rendering the majority of the country, climatically tropical. Dealing with the dry, hot and humid weather automatically becomes a big part of our everyday lives and so does the pr...

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Growing More with Less: Chinese Teachings

Dr Leela Alamalakala, Scientist, Mahyco

India is lucky that we don’t have to go beyond our neighbours to learn some really important aspects of industry. From Pakistan to Bangladesh, each neighbour has a success story to share in agriculture, manufacturing, servic...

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