Down to the Roots
Way Ahead for Pulses production in India

Mr. Sanjay Deshpande, Government Relations, Mahyco

The common man’s ‘Dalhan’ or Pulses were back in the limelight last week, sadly not because of a revolution or a ground...

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The Start-up paradigm in agriculture

Mr. Pushkal Upadhayay, Marketing, Mahyco

This weekend, while reading through some of the very interesting posts on agriculture on our blog such as Career prospe...

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Need for Research in Agriculture

Dr. Govinda Raj, Scientist, Mahyco

Agriculture has been a source of sustenance for every society, because producing enough food is a basic need, as well as a major concern. Providing basic food security sets the stage for further development and investing in scientific ...

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Wheat Rusts- Ug99 and Durable Resistance

Dr.Mohinder Prashar, Scientists, Mahyco

Wheat is India’s most important winter cereal crop. From a begging bowl during pre-green revolution era to wheat surplus now, Indian agriculture has made significant headway in wheat production by becoming the second largest...

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Kitchen Gardens: An emerging trend

Ms. Karishma Pandey, Marketing, Mahyco

I recently visited a friend’s place and feasted on a  fresh vegetable salad. The vegetables were so fresh, that I immediately felt rejuvenated after the delightful meal. Unable to resist, I asked my friend about the source...

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Interesting careers in agriculture

Ms. Shilpa M.S., Human Resource, Mahyco

I was part of a social gathering recently and there were discussions around admissions for children passing the 12th grade. Out of curiosity I asked few parents and the kids on their preferences. Pat came a reply – &...

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Opportunities for Youngsters in Agriculture

Mr. Krushnanand, Human Resource, Mahyco

Agriculture plays a major role in the Indian economy. It contributes close to 14.8% of the Gross Domestic product. Moreover, around 62% of the Indian population depend on it for their livelihood (Economic Survey 2015). However, most ...

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Advancing towards Agri-Commerce

Mr. Shridhar Dhanagare,Veg-BU, Mahyco

India has a proven history where we have transformed from food deficient state in colonial era to a self-sufficient economy during green revolution. Now the time is to step beyond just self-sufficiency and engage in commercial agricult...

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Around the Clock: The Life of an Indian Farmer

Dr. Venugopal Mikkilineni, Scientist, Mahyco

The best entrepreneur and the greatest risk taker in India is the farmer. Every year, his livelihood depends on the ability to produce and sell sufficient quantity and quality of food to meet his family needs. In addition, th...

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India and Food Security

Dr. Shalu Choudhary, Scientist, Mahyco

Progress of a nation is reflected by good health and well-being of its citizens, which primarily depends on production, supply, and access to nutritious food by an individual . Despite India’s strong economic growth since the...

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