Down to the Roots
Immediate Need of ‘Second Green Revolution’ in India

By Mr. Shridhar Dhanagare, Marketing, Mahyco

In a country where over 60% of the population is engaged in agriculture, one expects enough food production ...

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Seeds as Foundation of Farming

By Dr. Rajendra Marathe, Scientist, Mahyco

From high school days we have been told that Indian agriculture is at the mercy of monsoons. Probably as a re...

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Rice battle over ‘Geographical Indication’

By Dr. Manoj Mehta, EXIM, Mahyco

It is common knowledge that India is the largest producer and exporter of basmati rice in the world. According to an art...

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Agriculture to get a monsoon boost

By Mr. Pushkal Upadhayay, Marketing , Mahyco 

Indian economy, which is still considered to be largely agrarian, heavily depends on monsoon because o...

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Turning ‘Soil’ into ‘Gold’: PM Modi

By Dr. Narendran Nair, Scientist, Mahyco

I was listening to our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s address to the nation on the occasion of India&...

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Happy Independence Day

Let us replicate the success of biotechnology in other crops, and bring freedom of choice and financial independence to our farmers

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Time for woman-friendly agriculture

Dr. Leela Alamalakala, Scientist, Mahyco

Lately, climate change has led to demographic and socio-economic changes in rural areas with men migrating to the cities leaving behind women. Therefore the importance of women in agriculture cannot be ignored as it is a known fa...

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Need for Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Only sustainable agricultural practices can help us save resources and yet meet the goals of food security.

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Research- Now or Never

Mr. Mohanan Pillai, Marketing, Mahyco

The recent post by my colleague Mr. Nalawade was inspiring. in this blogpost titled 'Pledging for Innova...

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Monsoon- Our Lifeline

Mr. Sathynarayan Rao, Marketing, Mahyco

In India, monsoons are clearly the most anticipated and tracked weather phenomenon. And why not? It is extremely important for Indian agriculture, flora and fauna. <...

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