Down to the Roots
Women in Agriculture

Mahyco salutes and appreciates the contribution of women in agriculture

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Drone in Agriculture

Dr Smitha Kurup, Scientist, Mahyco

The frequency, at which we are coming across innovations in agriculture, and adoption of technology across the sector,...

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Transgenic Silkworms in India

Dr Leela Alamalakala, Scientist, Mahyco

As I opened the daily newspaper, little did I know that I was going to be left quite impressed! The headline ‘Govt go ahead for field trials of transgenic silkworms’ caught my a...

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One billion and Counting!

Mr. Chandra Joshi, Marketing, Mahyco

I follow Mahyco’s social media properties, and recently came across a spate of messages on the growing world population and the challenge of nutrition that it brings along. To read more about this topic, I did a simple Google s...

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5 Reasons to care about Food Security

Food Security is availability, accessibility and affordability of quality food to all the citizens of the country, at all times. Globally, food security has become a huge concern as various challenges continue to make it a distant dream. However, it’s time for every Indian to wake up to thi...

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Technology: Answer to future

Dr. Vijay Dalvi, Scientist, Mahyco.

I have often been intrigued by various viewpoints and research based findings published by many organizations including many respectable global corporate czars or even public institutions. Most try and project a perspective depicting ...

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Countdown to Union Budget

Dr. Venugopal Mikkilineni, Scientist, Mahyco

Every day, the newspapers, radio and television channels are talking about...

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Future of Pulses and Oilseed Production

(The article is authored by Mr. Raju Barwale, Managing Director, Mahyco. It was publi...

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Growing food on Moon

Dr. Vivekanand Shete, Scientist, Mahyco.

My colleague, Dr. Pritesh Gupta highlighted an interesting new facet of farming in his blog post- Going Underground. He observed that technology has the potential to provide solutions in a way we cannot even imagine. And I c...

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International Year of Soil

Mr. Sanjay Deshpande, Government Relations, Mahyco.

Soil, a widely underrated component, acts as the foundation for nutritious food production and supports our planet’s biodiversity, stores and filters water and increases our resilience to floods and droughts. In ...

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