Down to the Roots
Dwelling underground for better solutions

Dr. Pritesh Gupta, Scientist, Mahyco

I have been reading various blog posts written by my colleagues and quite a few of them managed to intrigue and interest. Grow...

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Makar Sankranti- A Season of Joy

By Team Mahyco

Makar Sankranti is an auspicious festival celebrated across the country with great devotion and zeal, albeit with differentiated rituals depending on regional traditions. It is not just an astronomical festival, but has deep linkages with agriculture in I...

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Sustainable Agriculture Technology

Dr. Suresh Kunkalikar, Scientist, Mahyco

Achieving universal food security is a challenge, especially in a world with an expanding population, accelerating consumption and deteriorating global environment. It is expected that by 2050, the world’s population will r...

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Fish as another ‘Crop’

Karishma Pandey, Marketing, Mahyco

According to Wikipedia, the Neolithic revolution also called the agricultural revolution kick started agricultural practices all around the world. It was a transition whi...

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Conservation Agriculture Technology

Dr. Anjanabha Bhattacharya, Scientist, Mahyco

I have always thought of farming to be one of humanity’s most inti...

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India-Africa partnership: Mutual benefit for the respective agriculture sectors?

Subbarao A R , Sr Vice President ( Corporate communication and Overseas regulatory)

With its best practices in agriculture evolving continuously for decades, India and Africa can benefit each other immensely. The agriculture sectors in Africa and India share many charac...

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Gender and Farming

Divya Khare, Manager (PR)

I recently saw a video presentation by Jacqueline Ashby and Jennifer Twyman at a seminar on “Closing the gender gap in farming under climate change” held in Paris. The video argued some great points on the inequalities between men a...

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Is organic really ‘organic’?

Dr Manoj Mehta, Lead - Export / Imports

I am often amused in the way I see people getting influenced about ‘organic’ food….in my opini...

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Agriculture and Nutrition

Dr. George Thomas, Scientist, Mahyco

Each nation may have its own rules, its own political agendas and own histories to tackle. However, we unite to fight some common global issues- that of climate change, food security, hunger and poverty. From the United States of Ame...

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Benefits of Crop Biotechnology

Dr. Rajendra Marathe, Scientist, ...

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