Down to the Roots
Gender and Farming

Divya Khare, Manager (PR)

I recently saw a video presentation by Jacqueline Ashby and Jennifer Twyman at a seminar on “Closing the gender gap in farming under climate change” held in Paris. The video argued some great points on the inequalities between men a...

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Is organic really ‘organic’?

Dr Manoj Mehta, Lead - Export / Imports

I am often amused in the way I see people getting influenced about ‘organic’ food….in my opini...

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Agriculture and Nutrition

Dr. George Thomas, Scientist, Mahyco

Each nation may have its own rules, its own political agendas and own histories to tackle. However, we unite to fight some common global issues- that of climate change, food security, hunger and poverty. From the United States of Ame...

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Benefits of Crop Biotechnology

Dr. Rajendra Marathe, Scientist, ...

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Transforming lives with a seed

Dr. Guruprasad Gaddikeri, Scientist, Mahyco  

You can transform lives with just one seed- many would call me crazy for saying something like this. But in my 13 years of association with Mahyco, we have experienced this joy repeatedly. Working with the research team...

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Scope for Urban Agriculture in India

Dr. Sandhya S R, Scientist, Mahyco

Urban Agriculture is defined as the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food in or around cities. It might sound as an oxymoron to some but it has been forever prevalent and comprises of various agricultural practices ...

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Biotechnology across Nations

Dr. Vilas Parkhi, Scientist, Mahyco

World’s population is increasing with alarming space, at the same time growth of food production is becoming stagnant. Increasing urbanisation is swallowing more fertile land which results in less availability of it for the farm...

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Retracing India’s agricultural roots

Dr. Pandurang Kulkarni, Mahyco

Agriculture was developed more than 10,000 years ago, and it has undergone significant developments since the time of the earliest cultivation. India’s agricultural roots go back thousands of years to 9000 BC, when during the Indus V...

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What are GMOs?

Dr. Pritesh Gupta, Scientist, Mahyco

Ever since GMOs introduced into the food supply in the mid-1990s, they have become a trending topic of discussion and debate all over the world.  Several questions are lingering about the GMOs over the benefits and controversies...

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Big Data and Agriculture

Mr. Anil Nadkarni, Chief Information Officer, Mahyco 

As we wait with baited breath for the Green Revolution 2.0, it is time to see ‘Big’ in agriculture. ‘Big’ not just in terms of investment, infrastructure and produce, but also in terms of...

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