50 Years of Excellence
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When it all began: Mahyco begins operations with an okra production unit and a larger mission of revolutionizing the Country’s agriculture sector.


In the limelight: Dr. Barwale is felicitated with the 12th ‘World Food Prize’.This is also the year Mahyco successfully launches India’s first ever Hybrid Wheat-Pratham 7070.


The Padma Bhushan: Dr. Barwale receives the esteemed Padma Bhushan for his contribution to the agriculture sector and positive impact on the economy of India.


A new partnership and a groundbreaking product: Mahyco strengthens its product offerings by entering into a joint venture with Monsanto. The company also releases India’s first GM crop - Bt Cotton.


Recognition from ABLE: The Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE) recognizes Mahyco for its outstanding contribution to the Indian agriculture sector.


Going strong at 50: Mahyco completes 50 successful years in India and reiterates its commitment to research & technology in order to improve prospects for Indian farmers.