Beej is the story of a seed that took root, and grew into a movement. Born from the vision of our beloved and respected late Founder Chairman, Dr. B.R. Barwale, today we are a movement that provides immense support to countless farmers, agriculturists, technologists, students and ordinary citizens who have benefited from his foresight.
Dr. Barwale’s brainchild, Mahyco, evolved hybrid seed breeding technologies to develop a series of high-yielding cultivars of sorghum, pearl millet, cotton, sunflower, wheat, and many vegetables. His science and technology based solutions for issues concerning food security and seed innovation have contributed in a significant way to the current status of food surplus.

Our onward journey towards bringing young people back to the field of agriculture is the greatest tribute to our departed leader, Dr. Barwale.


In this issue of Beej, we bring to you key voices who share with us their thoughts and experiences on how our youth can reap rewards from agriculture and its allied fields.