Automation of Farm Operations

Predicting climate change and using precision farming, how much food can we save from wastage? How do we provide food for the increasing population? How can we upgrade our harvesting techniques?

These questions often haunt any agriculture enthusiast.

Agriculture has come a long way with improved systems ranging from government policies, farming apps, to reduced dependency on middlemen and advent of innovative solutions. Scientists around the globe are unanimously in agreement that mechanization of farm operations, is making processes efficient and effective.

On ground, our fields are being tilled, sown, tended and harvested by machines and empowering farmers to practice more precise and predictive farming. In addition, machines are helping continuous operations on the farms- increasing the effort in agriculture but reducing the cost of these efforts.

The future of using machines in agriculture- is in automation. Slowly, but steadily, Pre-programmed routes– information in the form of coded data stored in the chip of these machines is finding its way in more advanced fields. The machines operate with the help of a programmed data. One example is that of drones which hover over soil and the crops to detect quality and alert the farmer for any potential threat detected. Automation enables a farmer to use their time in more strategic decisions- what to plan, when to plant etc, with more focus on maintaining the crop health. At the same time, automation is helping undertake the regular and manual work on the fields.

However, for this to become a regular feature in a country like ours, it is essential that these innovations are affordable and accessible for farmers. An important role in this will be played by research focused companies as they create advanced technologies for use, Government as they encourage such research and dissemination and many civil society organizations to empower farmers to adapt these innovations.

As technology progresses, automation will enable to tailor decisions on a meter-by-meter scale. Such developments will change our entire agricultural process. And it will be in our collective hands to embrace these innovations.

Kaustubh Joshi, General Manager, Mahyco