Hari Chopra

I have been associated with Mahyco for the last four years. After I started growing chili Sierra -317, I got some excellent results with the product. In the first year, I sold produce worth Rs, 50000/- and last year I sold produce worth Rs. 4.0 lakhs! I had been experiencing problems of crop disease due to the Leaf curl Virus. It was expensive to try and control this disease but with Sierra, I have not faced this problem and the yield has been excellent. I would like to convey my heartiest thanks to the company and its employees for providing me with great services and technical knowledge as needed.

Bhatto ki gali, Amer Tehsil, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Patel Kaushik Kumar Ajit Bhai

I have been sowing Mahyco’s Bhindi MAHY 28 for the past several years and it is giving me excellent results. I get higher yield and good market prices. As a result, I am able to pay off my financial obligations and earn respect in my community.

At Post, Patti ( Mandirfaliya), Taluka Vyara, Tapi

Satyanarayan Patidar

I have sown Mahyco’s wheat variety GOAL in my fields. The product is very good and I have got a higher yield of approximately 21 quintal/ acre. The wheat was healthy and had 60-70 grains per stalk. I am planning to grow Mahyco’s wheat in a larger area during the next planting season.

Tabakheda, Mandsour Tehsil, Madhya Pradesh

Babulal Gurjar

I have been growing Mahyco’s wheat GOAL for the last several years. It has very good grains and taste and fetches me a higher price than other varieties. The plant produced nearly 18 sprouts and gave me a very good yield of 18 quintal/acre. Some of the crop was damaged by hailstorms, but with Mahyco’s GOAL, my profit didn’t reduce.

Gudiyana, Mandsour Tehsil, Madhya Pradesh

Shri Keshrao Bhausaheb Garad

I have interacted with Mahyco since 1975 and have cultivated the Cotton Hybrid MRC 7351 in 26 acres of land. The best traits of this hybrid are its large boll size, the ease with which it can be picked and weighted kapas. My financial status has improved since then. I would recommend the MRC 7351 to my fellow farmers. The company has helped me in building my house and providing a quality life to my kids. I have also been able to buy modern machines such as a tractor for my work. My father was felicitated by Shri Sharad Pawarji at Mahyco’s 50th year inauguration ceremony on 15th December 2013.

Susare, Shevgaon Taluka, Ahmednagar district.

Mr. Channabasappa Angadi

Local farmer, Mr. Channabasappa Angadi, has been purchasing 100 packets of Mahyco Bollgard cotton seeds MRC 7351 for the past 6 years given his success with the crop.

Savoor, Karnataka