Celebrating Our Farmers

Everyday is Farmer’s Day, but December 23 has been specially acknowledged as National Farmer’s Day, a day for all of us to recognise and appreciate the hard work that farmers put in everyday to produce healthy and nutritious food for us

We would also take this opportunity to thank the farmers across the world and pay a tribute to the, who plow, sow, raise, feed, and harvest to provide the food that we need for sustenance.

December 23, the birthday of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh is celebrated as Kisan Diwas for he was a champion of the farmers in our country and constantly strove to ensure the welfare of farmers. In his tenure as the Prime Minister, he also introduced many beneficial initiatives for farmers.

In India, agriculture has not only been a source of food and nutrition but also a source of raw materials for non-agricultural sectors and increases returns through export of products. Farmers have thus rightly been a driver of the social and economic development of our nation.  With their support and contribution India has consistently boasted about the highest agricultural produce and is the seventh largest exporter of agricultural produce, with cotton exports from India ranking the highest in the world

With our commitment towards “Farmers’ First” in all our endeavor, we will continue to strengthen our offerings for small and marginal farmers to improve their farm productivity through plant science and innovation. Today, over 55 percent of India’s population is still dependent on agriculture for employment thus development of Indian farm sector has become more crucial than ever. We at Mahyco pledge to create a positive change for farmers!

-Team Mahyco