Countering Climate Change

Catastrophic natural calamities and instances of extreme weather – including drought, tsunamis and floods – are becoming more commonplace in our world. Clearly, the effects of climate change, long predicted by scientists, are hitting the earth hard.
In India where climate change can interfere with agricultural productivity and food availability, there is a pressing need to address this problem.
In this issue of Beej, our contributors weigh in how science can help us overcome the agricultural challenges posed by extreme environmental conditions.
A farming leader explains why our biggest problems are not created by nature.
A scientist with a leading research program on agriculture and food security gives us a glimpse of what a climate-smart village model may look like.
On a lighter note, we take a closer look at that king of fruits, the mango, and its status as a cultural and literary symbol in India.
Lastly, in Seeds of Thought, Dr. Bharat Char – Biotechnology Lead at Mahyco – calls for more rationality and greater clarity in our policies and views on technology in agriculture.