Efficient farming and improved farm yield, now just a click away!

The farming community, world over, can only thrive when farmers have access to the right information, at the right time.
Some of the biggest challenges faced by farmers today include accessing information regarding contemporary global best products and practices. In addition to sharing of success stories of farmers, diagnosis and prescription for specific agriculture related problems, easy access and other technical know how is imperative for successful farming.
These are exciting times for farmers. New generation farming technologies and Agritech at fingertips are the new drivers of success.
Until a while ago, a farmer’s only source of information was the neighbouring agri input provider. Farmers were dependant on shopkeepers of agri-products for advice. They had no way to check if the advice was right or wrong in terms of quality and dosage. Farmers did not have the option to compare two similar products from different companies and take an educated purchase decision. Today it is possible to compare products and make an informed decision via portals such as www.theagrihub.com.
Penetration of telecom, smartphones, internet and other revolutionary technology is bridging the information gap today. The telecom revolution is taking India by storm. Either the farmer himself, or a family member is smart phone engaged. They are the tech leaders of the family. There exists numerous WhatsApp groups of farmers who share information like never before. The smartphone revolution and the arrival of competitive data plans have ushered in new ICT revolutions.
To welcome the ICT revolution, you can just click a picture of your farm / plant that has either nutritional deficiencies or diseases, get the problem diagnosed by accessing the large database of online pictures and get remedies and solutions right away. You can find suppliers online / nearby and order a globally available product within the comfort of your living room.
Enabled farmers in Nashik have increased their yield of brinjal and tomatoes up to 100 tons per acre. However, farmers in Bihar or some other parts of India have not been able to get half of that yield. Information travels so fast these days, that success and failure stories in one corner of the country can become a learning for a farmer in some other corner.
The next big thing in agriculture will be an all mobile based application – right from starting the pump, applying fertilizers, to monitoring the field. It has already started in some parts of the globe and is now making its way to India. Surveys will all be drone based. Nutritional status of soil will be decided by the satellites and more advanced technologies will be ruling the future of Indian agriculture.
It is all just a click away!