Ensuring Future of Food Today

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience”- James Beard 

As food demands of population increase steadily, the pressure is on our farms to match the demand. In such times, when growing and procuring food has become challenging, it is disappointing to see the amount of food being wasted.

Did you know- 3 billion people (or 10 times the population of USA) can be fed by using just one-third of the world’s food waste! Need I say more?

Won’t it be helpful for our farmers if we prevent food waste? What do we argue as causes for food wastage? Environment? Climate change? No. This is a man made issue purely due to inefficiencies in post harvest management, poor infrastructure and incompetent agri supply chain in India.

The issues need to be addressed at both macro and micro level. If as a nation we reduce post harvest loss, but continue to waste food at household level, the actual impact will be negligible. Interestingly even at household level, innovative ways of using technology can help. Recent initiatives of community fridge in Karnataka and NCR are one such example.

However, more importantly, at the macro level we need policies, public private partnerships, innovation and science and technology, to reduce food loss. India needs to effectively use technology and write a new chapter in securing future of food. With the use of biotechnology, nano technology, precision farming and food preservation applications, we can invent health and environment friendly ways to preserve food for longer duration and keep them fresh as well. In addition, we need more cold storage facilities so that food can be stored for longer. As we are able to save food, the pressure on Indian farms will also reduce to increase more food.

In this regards, urge you to share your ideas to reduce post harvest loss and participate in our ongoing essay competition at http://bit.ly/2xLuWwF

– By Team Mahyco