Happy Farmer- Seeds of Success

The proof of the pudding, they say, is in its eating! Ask Channabasappa Angadi, a Bt Cotton farmer from the Savoor village of Karnataka?s Haveri district. Channabasappa is an old Mahyco loyalist, growing all kinds of Mahyco branded seeds on his farms for decades. For the past 6 years, he has purchased a whopping 100 packets of Mahyco Bollgard cotton MRC 7351 seeds to be planted across 80-100 acres of his farm land. In fact, Channabasappa is so happy with the results of using Bollgard technology in the Mahyco cotton brand, that he happily recommends other farmers to use it and increase their farm incomes and prosperity like him.

So what makes Channabasappa come back every year to buy such huge quantities of Bt Cotton seeds? It should be a no-brainer given farmers would only patronize a particular seed if they see positive results for themselves after using them. Channabasappa was using seeds from other competitors earlier. But, once he started using Mahyco?s MRC 7351, he realized that in terms of high yield, easy picking, labour cost and rejuvenating capacity other seeds stood no chance compared to Mahyco?s product. He has not only found them more suitable for his land, but also a harvest of 15 quintals per acre that he is getting by deploying normal farm management practices, means that his per acre profitability is also significantly higher. This has transformed not only his financial prosperity, but also his social recognition, given that other farmers in the region look up to him as a progressive and innovative farmer.

Mr. Angadi has expressed his heart filled regards to Mahyco for providing good quality seeds to Indian farmers for their usage and for also making such a positive impact in his life. For us at Mahyco, these are the moments that we live and work so hard for. A prosperous and happy farmer, is the dream that drives us every day to come up with even better technology solutions for the farm challenges faced by India.