Information Communication Technology (ICT) ushers in a wave of change in agriculture

Information Communication Technology has impacted billions of lives, the world over. Mobile Applications, Wireless Technologies, Global Positioning Systems, Geographic Information Systems, Computer Controlled Devices, Robots, Drones, E-learning, E-commerce, E-knowledge Management Systems are now being accessed by farmers to stay connected with global best practices and solutions.
With the telecommunication and smartphone boom and its penetration in rural areas, we see a surge in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) solutions. These are being used by rural communities in general, and farmers in particular.
As ICT in agriculture is entering an interesting phase, with several stakeholders seeing huge opportunities, this platform is empowering the farming community to access real-time information and apply the same to their farm on a timely-basis.
Farmers receive live updates on market information and timely inputs to improve farm productivity. ICT also helps them to sell their produce at a competitive price.
The advent of ICT in agriculture is helping farmers to improve productivity and quality of crops. And thereby, enabling them to prosper and become successful agri-entrepreneurs.