Mahyco store goes online

In the 21st century many aspects of our lives revolve around smart technology. Technology revolutionised many aspects in our society, one among them being creating better connectivity and accessibility.

Mahyco has always believed in embracing technology and innovation and bringing its seed innovation to the doorstep of farmers who live far and wide. In this regards, we took a new initiative earlier this year to help farmers access seed innovation irrespective of their location. A step in this direction was the launch of our online micro-store which made our products just a click away for farmers.

The store was built for our farmers from across the country to easily access information about seed innovation, products that suit their farms and also be able to get any support and clarification from our experts. We launched the website in two versions- for commercial farmers and production farmers to benefit from.

We are excited to see the enthusiastic response from many commercial farmers who already use our portal to take informed decisions, interact with the company to get answers and purchase our seeds. We help farmers understand the physical attributes of each of our products as well as the stipulated harvest period for the crops. They can then select the product they desire and we deliver the product to their doorstep.

Come have a look at the micro-store.

At Mahyco Innovation Day that was held on October 11th and 12th, we introduced many more farmers to our e-store. Team members from Mahyco educated farmers on how to access information on e-store and enjoy seamless access to Mahyco products.

I am happy to be associated with this initiative, and continue to receive exciting response from all our associates and partners.

– Padamashri Naik, Veg BU, Mahyco