Mahyco’s mobile application provides easy guidance

The evolution of technology has created many opportunities in the agricultural sector. Farmers are becoming more enabled as they have access to technology. Technology has made things more efficient, be it cultivation of crops, know how about the climate and soil conditions, post-harvest procedures or sale of crops.

So when one evening, we were brainstorming internally on how we can help farmers who are producing Mahyco products receive insights from our experts and be able to undertake agriculture more precisely, by leveraging technology they had access to, the solution was quite clear. We decided to develop a specific mobile application for our farmers to be able to access the information and receive feedback from Mahyco at the click of a button on their mobile phones! After research, ideation and development, we were able to launch the application successfully which allowed production farmers (whose crop yields are used by Mahyco) , to request Mahyco personnel to visit their field for quality assessment of the crops they have cultivated.

After vigorous tests on the effectiveness and reach of the application by the production team of Mahyco, the application was successfully launched last year. Since then we haven’t looked back, and each passing day is showing more promising results. More than 4000 farmers now benefit from this application and have been able to connect with our experts to understand seed innovation better. It has helped us as well, to connect with the farmers and understand their needs as well as incorporate their feedback in our operations. This exchange of knowledge has helped strengthen the relationship further, building more trust and interdependence, two values on which the agriculture sector thrives. Nothing makes us more happy than to see delighted farmers whose queries are solved, passionate farmers who are curious to know more about products and progress in seed innovation and ambitious farmers who are willing to experiment and trust the role of innovation in making agriculture profitable.

This initiative has thus far proved to be successful among our production farmers. Apart from requesting information proactively, they have constantly delighted us with their feedback that the process of cultivation has become easier because of the ready guidance that they are able to afford with the use of our mobile application.

The next step was at the Mahyco Innovation Day where we introduced many more farmers to this application. Team members from Mahyco educated farmers on how to use the application and what the advantages of the application were. The farmers just had to scan a QR code to download the application and enjoy seamless access to Mahyco products. Over 200 commercial farmers and 300 production growers have successfully downloaded the application at the event. My entire team was so happy with the response, that we decided to share our experience with everyone through the blog.

Our experience shows that even small and predictable steps (such as creating an app) can make a huge impact in strengthening relationships, building trust and most importantly helping everyone benefit.

We hope to expand our services and connect with many more farmers across India through this initiative.

By Mahendra Mahajan, Manager-IT, Mahyco