NSAI Backs the Industry on Seed Supply Challenges

The National Seeds Association of India (NSAI), the apex body of the seed industry in the country, has come out in support of seed producing companies indicating that the total supply of Bt cotton hybrid seeds by the industry has been more than adequate to meet the demand during the current Kharif season. It is possible that some of the hybrid brands may be in greater demand than others, but it would be incorrect to conclude that any such shortage is deliberate on the part of the seed producers. The commitment and endeavour of our members has been pivotal in ensuring adequate quantities of quality seeds to Indian farmers over the years.
Mr. K V Subbarao, President of NSAI says, ?Hybrid seeds are produced through contract farmers. The production system is similar to any other agricultural crop production and is hence dependent on several variables such as rain, soil health, diseases and farming practices. These variables often create a gap between potential output and actual output. A seed is a biological product with long production cycle and making a particular brand of hybrid seeds available at a short time owing to a sudden spurt in demand becomes impossible.?
In a situation like this, the industry?s endeavour is to work with government and other stakeholders to educate seed dealers and farmers to optimise the use of Bt cotton seeds for that sowing cycle or kharif season. While the uncertainties associated with seed production is beyond the control of seed companies, there is a need, given the circumstance to formulate efficient seed supply strategies and to ensure adequate communication among stakeholders.