Dr.Brent (MRC 7347 BG II)

Suitable for: Maharashtra/Madhya Pradesh/Gujarat/Andra Pradesh/Telangana/Karnataka/Tamil Nadu

Product features

  • Medium duration (160-170 days)
  • Medium big size bolls (5.5 gm)
  • High boll retention capacity
  • Ease in pickings
  • A unique stay green hybrid
  • Excellent rejuvenation capacity
  • Wider adaptability Hybrid
  • Long staple (30-31mm) and High Fibre strength ( 25-26 g/tex)
  • Easy for crop management

Product Offers

    • Sucking Pest Tolerant and remains stay green
    • High boll retention capacity
    • Easy for Picking
    • Best Suited hybrid for High Density Planting