Reaping Benefits Hand in Hand with Research and Innovation

Indian Agriculture is facing many issues in the present day. Be it, small holding farm management, climate change, pest control or application of technology. These problems can be mitigated with the integration of research, innovation and knowledge management in agriculture. There is a need for the adoption and acceptance of agricultural research and innovation in India.

India’s agricultural research community has shown tremendous potential over the past decades but most often than not their work falls short because it does not reach the right stakeholders . The studies done by various agro- scientists need to be communicated to the practitioners of agriculture i.e the farmers.  Research does not stop at the laboratories and industries. It is about ensuring that the findings of the research is developed and incorporated as part of the agricultural practices and therefore adds value to the knowledge gained.

Another important aspect to be considered is to involve the farmer in the whole process. Undisputedly, a farmer has extensive knowledge about his fields and crops. Development gets boosted by bringing the farmer into the loop of finding innovative solutions for agricultural problems. In India, there is a gap in the knowledge sharing between agricultural scientists and the farmers. Fortunately, the development of technology and improved access to technology is slowly helping bridge this gap.

There are very few private organisations in India that focus on generating and distributing agricultural knowledge. The government has initiated many programs for the effective agricultural knowledge sharing and management in India but they have not been effectively implemented.

Mahyco is one of the few organisations that understands the need for agricultural research and knowledge management. The vision of Mahyco is to bring the best of science into the Indian fields. At Mahyco, we constantly strive to innovate and ensure that the knowledge gained in our labs is shared with the farmers. Mahyco’s efforts to drive the implementation of ‘seed innovation’ amongst the farmers, is proving to efficiently scale up benefits.

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– Dr Chandrakumar S S, Growth Unit – Head Row crop Business, Mahyco