Partnerships for Firmer Roots

Our country is an agrarian economy with a large section of our population depending on agriculture for their livelihood. No doubt, we have a vast amount of knowledge in the field of agriculture but from time to time we require a different way of thinking to make agricultural practices more efficient and productive. In the past few years, the United States has rapidly developed innovative techniques in the field of agriculture and have thereby focused on sharing these resources with other countries to bring about a transformation in their agriculture industry .

India and USAID, an organ of the United States government that is responsible for providing international civic aid, have entered into several agricultural collaborations that have proven to be mutually beneficial to both the countries. Recently, India along with the United States entered into a partnership for food security that will combine India’s indispensable knowledge and United States’ effective technology to provide solutions for the issue of world hunger.

The first and foremost initiative to be taken in this regards, is  to test if the agricultural procedures practised in India can be adapted in other Asian and African countries, since many of the problems faced in agriculture are similar to that of India. They have been successfully transferring many agro-solutions born in India to farmers in Nepal and Kenya.

USAID partnered with the Indian Ministry of Agriculture’s premier National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management to train 1500 agricultural practitioners including farmers and policy makers from African and Asian countries in a bid to ensure that they can practice beneficial farming and thereby increase agricultural productivity.

Moreover this particular partnership also aims to strengthen India’s agricultural system by providing different and innovative solutions for the farmers to cope with the changing scenario, be it climate change, changing ecosystems or varying market conditions.

The benefits of such collaborations are multi-fold. To combat world hunger and malnutrition, it is important to start from the grassroot level, which here is the agricultural systems in various countries. By sharing resources and the know-how, an impact can be effectively created across the globe.

I believe in integrated work and the collaboration of resources to achieve the best results. We have partnered with several multi-national agencies to improve the quality of  agricultural products in our country. Currently, we have a presence in more than twenty countries in Asia, Africa, USA, Middle East and Europe and have have seen a commendable improvement in the agricultural yield in these countries. We strive to extend our reach to many more countries in a bid to mitigate global hunger and achieve food security.

– Mr. Chandra Joshi, Marketing, Mahyco