The Barwale Foundation

‘A better world is the responsibility of all’

The driving force behind Mahyco, its Founder-Chairman, Padma Bhushan Dr. B.R.Barwale is a visionary and a philanthropist. Under The Barwale Foundation, Dr. Barwale has founded several institutions that address the socio-economic challenges of our society. The effort from The Barwale Foundation clearly indicates that education and health are not just the privilege of the rich. Schools, colleges and a hospital in a region that lacks basic metropolitan facilities are some of the tangible achievements of The Barwale Foundation. The work of The Barwale Foundation is focused on food security, healthcare and human resource development. For attaining sustainable and enhanced crop productivity, the foundation conducts multidisciplinary research for the improvement of major crops. This includes strategic and applied research projects for crop improvement, production, protection and quality seed production through biotechnological techniques.
The Barwale Foundation’s programs are divided among the following areas:

Food Security

Ensuring food security for a large and growing population is not an easy task. At Mahyco, we aim to meet this challenge by focusing on the development and/or deployment of molecular markers for traits that confer enhanced yield potential, hybrid seed production efficiency and other benefits. We also direct our efforts towards MAS breeding for improvement of major biotic and abiotic stress resistance/tolerance in crop varieties and hybrid parental lines. 

Healthcare & Education

In the areas of Healthcare and Education, the focus is on improving healthcare facilities, ophthalmologic patient care, extending educational facilities and spreading knowledge in hinterland.
The Foundation’s major contributions have been to support research and facilities and provide patient care at Shri Ganapati Netralaya in Jalna. In addition, we also support Shankar Netralaya, Chennai as well as L.V. Prasad Eye Hospital, Hyderabad.

Capacity Building & Human Resource Development

The focus here is on human resource capacity building through development of amenities and facilities as well as though research collaboration, grants, fellowships, training workshops and more.