The Role of ICT in Plant Pathology

Information Communication Technology is the new boon for farmers and plant pathologists. Spotting of plant diseases, consultation with experts, access to global data and analysis, disease identification and remedial solutions are no longer limited by time or distance.

Agricultural landscape
• India – One of the world’s largest contributors of agricultural produce
• 200 million Indians are engaged in agriculture related occupation
• 95% of farms are less than 4 hectares each
• Information sharing and knowledge gathering is a big challenge

ICT – Information Communication Technology

• ICT bridges the gap between the farmer and the know how to successful farming processes
• ICT – a smartphone and internet linked technology
• Enables a centralized database of all small farms
• Updates farm data, including location, history,
seed and weather-history

How ICT works in plant pathology
• In case of crop disease, farmer clicks a picture of the diseased foliage
• Uploads image on the central repository
• Scientists and plant pathologists study data and analyze it
• Crop disease is identified by experts
• Feedback and remedies are shared with farmer via phone

Benefits of ICT
• Easy access to expert opinions
• Instant identification of plant disease before it spreads
• Crop loss minimization
• Profit maximization
• Easy scalability
• Simple to use

Other benefits
• Land laws
• Farmer’s rights
• Access to credit
• Weather updates
• Fertilizer information
• Sowing, weeding and harvesting updates
• Crop rotation advisory
• Land optimization advisory
• Market information
• Better access to government services
• Direct access to sell produce