The world of agri-tech startups

Start ups is the buzzword today and I am sure many of us keep wondering what happened one fine day that the startup boom happened.

Especially in a young country like India, this boom was inevitable. The interesting trend is that many of these start ups also ventured into agriculture, providing sustainable solutions to challenges. While the ‘agritech startups’ continue to grow, agriculture remains an unexplored realm by young generation. Continuing on this thought, I researched a bit, and this blogpost captures the same.

Agriculture contributes to almost 17% of India’s GDP, which is a fair percentage to determine the development of a country. We all are well aware that agriculture is one of the most medieval and important profession in India. The reason India is proud of the fact that it is a ‘Kisaano ka Desh.’ The sector brings profitability in many aspects but also challenges and unavoidable risks that we have no control of like weather, climate, dependence of natural resources. Each day our world paces towards ever-increasing pollution. In such a scenario, how can we ensure that agriculture remains a profitable profession?

Here comes the role of agri-tech startups. Agri-tech startups are the new emerging pioneers of the agriculture sector, striving hard to change the traditional ways of farming by blending it with technology.With the Union Budget 2017 focusing on digitizing farming methods as much as possible, leveraging mechanization and automation have garnered the interest of today’s youth who are wilfully taking up agriculture as their career option.

So what are they doing? Read more here.

Agri-tech startups are making the most of technology and converting them into easy and sustainable practices which would make farming a lot more simpler and profitable. These startups are using mobile, apps and internet to educate and help the farmers. Agri-tech startups work on the basis of a deeper-rooted cause. It takes extensive research and deliberation to understand the existing problems and then then think of a solution, which gives birth to agri-tech startups.

Today’s youth have the potential to think through and bring remedies/solutions by using technology. This has led to the rise of a lot of startups  who are ready to take on the challenge and build a whole new world. It is interesting to note that the agri-startup industry is linking agriculture to spheres which seemed quite impossible years back! It includes domains like aggregators, finance, harvesting, warehousing, funding, supply chain, retail, marketing and the list goes on…

Having said this, the changing government policies deserve a special mention. Initiatives like ‘Startup India’, ‘Digital India’ are the building blocks which has largely influenced the sector.

Things are changing and will continue to change, the most important thing is that we support our youth by believing in their ideas which is steadily changing our sector!

– Dr. Pritesh Gupta, Scientist, Mahyco