Update From The Fields

At Mahyco, we continuously innovate and test the products, to ensure that they are well suited for Indian soil and contribute to the welfare of the farmers. In this regards, it is essential that the farmers get an opportunity to not just witness the innovation first hand, but also meet the scientists (the hands and brains behind these innovations). We recently organised a meet in Delhi, India and not just celebrated the power of innovation in agriculture but also recognized the spirit and progressive thinking of farmers!

Glimpses from the fields…

The vibrant cabbage fields in our farms in Delhi. The variety has been developed by scientists at Sungro Seeds, a part of the Mahyco Grow..

A product display of virus free potatoes grown through the technique of aeroponics.

Various products at display. Each of these are a result of hardwork and commitment of all our scientists who have ensured that the quality of nutrition is not compromised

We at Mahyco, are proud of the work we do- contributing towards the Government’s vision of doubling farmers’ incomes, and we hope that initiatives such as these will continue to inspire many farmers to adopt seed innovation.