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Every company wishing to consolidate its export activity has to create its own foreign trade department in order to handle various tasks and maintain its presence in international markets.

The export department at Mahyco is responsible for all tasks related to international sales. The Company is making a major thrust in exports and has the strength and momentum to become a truly global organization in the near future. Mahyco produces a wide range of crops spanning vegetables and field crops. The company produces top quality seeds for the export market through its vast network of contract growers. For the last 20 years, the company has been engaged in custom seed production for clients around the world. We have license agreements in place with reputed international seed companies. Mahyco’s quality assurance lab (IN-06) has been accredited by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) for issuing Orange and Blue ISTA Certificates. The production department can deliver a wide range of products that fit the agro climatic situation in India.

Large scale vegetable production is now possible using nylon nets which protect the crop from insect damage and improve the quality of the final product.

Mahyco currently has a presence in Asia, Africa, USA, Middle East and Europe (more than 20 countries).