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Mahyco Pvt Ltd

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Policy

Mahyco Pvt Ltd believes that the diversity is critical to achieving excellence in what we do, and hence  committed to fostering, promoting and preserving a culture and environment of diversity, equality and inclusion.

We believe that our human resource is the most valuable asset of the company, and each of our team member is unique in her/ his ability, thought process, beliefs, and background. It is the collective diversity of our talented employees that helps us to achieve excellence in our products and services. Our endeavor is to encourage such diversity in respect of age, colour,  gender, language, disability, ethnicity, religious beliefs, nationality, family status, and sexual orientation. Our policy of diversity and inclusion is deployed in recruitments, training,  development, and day to day functioning  of our employees.

We are committed to creating a work environment which provides dignity and fairness for all. All employees of Mahyco have the responsibility to treat the fellow employees with respect  and not to discriminate on any ground in the work environment.