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It’s all about adding value to the seeds while transforming harvested seeds into marketable seeds.

Seed processing comprises all steps necessary for preparation of harvested seed for marketing. These include drying, shelling, preconditioning, cleaning, size grading, treating and packaging. These essential activities are handled in Mahyco processing facilities.

Some of the main steps in the process include:

  • Drying the seeds to safe moisture levels
  • Removing various undesirable materials, including weed seeds, other crop seeds, deteriorated or damaged seeds, stones, chaff, straw, undersize and light seeds
  • Ensuring uniform size grading and seed treatment to upgrade the overall seed quality

The Mahyco processing setup has a total processing capacity of 6,00,000 QTL/annum. The processing plants are located at Vejalpur (Gujarat), Dhanora (Maharashtra), Nizamabad, Kalakkal (AP), Kota (Rajasthan), Khandwa (MP). In addition, contract processing plants are located in D’Raja, Mera Phata and Chikali in Maharashtra as well as in Mansa, Vijapur , Modasa , Bodeli and Idar in Gujarat.