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The COVID-19 crisis has been amongst the most unprecedented cataclysmic events in modern times. With the entire world at a standstill, it is quite likely that the economic and social impact of the virus will last long after normal life resumes.

Amongst the most seriously affected by this crisis are farmers and rural communities with limited access to health care services and alternative economic options. Mahyco is making efforts to alleviate the impact on farming community by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of quality seeds for the ensuing Kharif season. In spite of challenges of availability of labor, transport, and resources to continue our Seed supply chain operations, we are making all-out efforts to keep up the operations going with all the necessary safety precautions to make available the quality seeds to our farmers

The following are some of the other contributions from us towards this cause.

  • Providing Medical equipment, esp. ventilators at Jalna, Maharashtra through the local Government body.
  • Providing food to healthcare workers in Mumbai through Annamrita Foundation
  • Providing groceries to villagers in select areas of our operations
  • The CM Funds of Maharashtra and Telangana

Apart from these, we have also offered the government use of our two infrastructure facilities in Jalna – our eye care hospital, for COVID treatment and a hostel at our college for creating a quarantine facility.

"These are difficult times and the only way to pull through such a crisis is by all of us working together to support each other, and particularly supporting less fortunate sections of the society," said Chairman Shri Rajendra Barwale. "Surely by working together during this crisis, we can collectively defeat the coronavirus and resume a normal life as soon as possible."